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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nishiki Market in Kyoto

Tachikichi ceramic store in downtown Kyoto, displaying the seasonal flowers.
A shop of the tea cups for green tea, tea pots and tea leaves. They even serve soft ice cream!
Young people wearing Kimono. When you wear Kimono,
you are supposed to wear Zori (Japanese style sandals), but these girls are wearing boots! Young people make their own style.
There are many "pickles shops" in the market.

Many people from outside of Kyoto say that they love Kyoto but not the people there. It is mainly because that Kyoto people (Kyoto-jin) are hard to understand. Kyoto-jin are said that they hide their true feelings and thoughts in a polite manner and that they'd laugh at you later when you take their words straightforwardly.

There was a TV commercial plot once which was funny and cynical: An elegant lady wearing Kimono greets the guest with full of smile in her face, sitting on the floor of the entrance hall with a formal Japanese style.

"Welcome to our house! Please stay for dinner, we are so happy to have you here."

In the hallway behind her, there shows a broom being hung upside down.
There is a famous saying, 'if you want your guest leave right away, hang a broom upside down at the back, you'll make your wish come ture.'

These jokes would add even more curiosity and interests to the people who plan to visit Kyoto. Kyoto is undoubtedly a marvelous place and a treasure of Japan if you like it or not.